Advertiser: Lego

  • Airline: SunExpress
  • Nr. of Aircraft involved: 10 SunExpress A320  (operated by Avion Express)
  • Advertising media and format:  3D content integration on a total of 150 VR googles, available to the passengers of the 10 aircraft equipped, at a charge during the flight. A large-scale Lego aircraft livery was installed to one of these aircraft. In addition, the tray tables in all involved aircraft were LEGO-branded and referencing to the VR on-board entertainment system availability. On top the cabin crews were carring out LEGO samplings during the flights.
  • Campaign duration: September 2019 – November 2019
  • Reach:  Through this innovative in-flight advertising campaign, Lego was able to reach a total of 750,000 SunExpress passengers during the entire campaign period. The range of this advertising campaign was significantly expanded via various social media channels and other PR measures.