Airline consulting

We are partners for airlines and advertisers and advise them with our expertise.

We provide extensive airline consulting in all our business areas, with a focus on:

  • Livery options
  • IFEC solutions
  • Ancillary revenue management

Ancillary Revenue & IFEC Workshop:

A comprehensive, interactive one-day workshop onboarding you to the latest trends and opportunities in digital IFEC and its leverage for incremental revenue.

Learn how LXM Aero can help you increase your ancillary revenue – with a moderate upfront invest and providing your passengers with an enhanced connected inflight customer experience.

Context & Agenda

  1. Why do ancillary sales matter to your airline business?
  2. Which IFEC ancillary options exist and are state of the art?
  3. How well does your airline do in realizing IFEC-related ancillary revenue?
  4. How can you deliver a superior inflight customer experience and generate extra revenue at the same time?
  5. What are suitable IFEC options for your airline business?
    a. Development of a SWOT-matrix (solutions / vendors as per individual client framework, e.g. route and fleet structure, existing vendor relationships, technical complexity, passenger target group requirements,…
    b. Joint development of a revenue projection
  6. Usage analysis
    a. Generating additional insights on passengers‘ customer journey
    b. Adding inflight behavioural data to pre- and after-travel insights
  7. Key reccomendations

We are valuable partners to both: airlines and advertisers:

Uniquely positioned at the interface between the aviation, advertising, media, in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) and content sectors, LXM has been an established advertising partner for well-known airlines for more than five years with its advertising product, the marketing of aircraft cabins and aircraft exterior areas.

When monetizing IFEC platforms on the passengers’ own devices, the focus is on the implementation of digital advertising campaigns and the implementation of unique content offers that improve the in-flight experience of the passenger – whilst simultaneously generating revenue that goes straight to the P&L.

As a technology-agnostic player, we work with all relevant providers of IFEC solutions.

We have in-depth knowledge of the performance of alternative products through projects we have implemented – against the background of individual customer requirements.

LXM Aero+ has developed a deep understanding of the requirements of passengers and users of the IFEC platforms, which offers real measurable added value. This continuously growing knowledge base is also the basis for our advisory services to airlines, system providers and other relevant companies from the aviation industry.

Case studies