Ancillary revenue solutions

We are the global leader of inflight graphic and digital advertising.

With more than 5 years experience and a team of senior airline & travel, media and digital industry experts.
We have established ancillary revenue generating solutions for more than 10 airlines in Europe – LCCs, leisure and network carriers among them.

We are at the crossroads of airlines, IFE solution providers, advertisers and the media arena.

Ancillary Revenue solutions

Our key business area are ancillary revenue solutions, with a focus on fully EASA certified graphic cabin advertising (a 360° service solution) and IFEC platform commercialization.

Our contracts are with the airlines directly, no intermediaries or other agencies involved. Contracts are usually exclusive, for some media assets non-exclusive.

Best prerequisites for an optimal partnership

On the demand side (= media agencies, advertisers direct) , we are in contractual agreements with all leading media agencies and networks. In addition, we have built up a significant network of direct advertiser relationships over the past years.

Specialist teams for every requirement

We have established the tray table as an advertising medium and are the only company offering this as a 360° service product to airlines.

  • We know exactly the needs and requirements of advertisers and media agencies.
  • We know the media planning cycles of all relevant advertisers and how to get into their media plans.
  • We have managed to convey to the media agencies that the IFE systems are among the digital forms of advertising and the tray table advertising is to be counted as OOH. This is especially important because most airline advertisements are still viewed as ambient media advertising. Ambient media however is always considered being below the line media and usually is the first victim when planned budget levels need to be capped.

Together with our media partner network we also provide advertisers access to connected mobility chains: In-taxi advertising + airport digital out of home screens advertising + inflight media.

Our clients

We are proud of every single job we have done and do for our clients. This is an abstract of our exciting client network:

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