Imagine what it would be like if passengers…

  • Feel more confident to fly…
  • Know their airline & airport are taking positive steps…
  • Know they are more protected…

Our LXM-Matic mission:

  • To empower airlines, airports & all transport elements to overcome passenger microbe fears, bringing passengers back on board…

LXM-Matic – your automatic anti-microbial solution

  • Low-cost surface treatment for aviation & transport
  • Liquid is applied to surface & dries after 2 hours
  • LXM-Matic uses silver & copper ion technologies to destroy microbes 24/7 on autopilot in hours (rather than days)
  • Established, field-tested & proven anti-microbial technology
  • Safe & non-toxic to humans

LXM-Matic has two formulas for your choice:

  • LXM-Matic Silver (for fabric, leather and artificial leather surfaces)
    • The product quantity required for 1m² of fabric material is approximately 100-125ml and for leather and PVC or PVC similar materials approximately 25 – 35ml. The treatment lasts 6-8 months. 
  • LXM-Matic Silver PLUS (for  plastic, aluminium, etc.)
    •  The amount of product required for the treatment of 1 m² hard surface is approx. 10-12,5 ml. 1 liter of LXM-Matic Silver PLUS is sufficient for the treatment of approx. 80 m² hard surface. The effect lasts for 6-8 months.

LXM uses two tools to test the effectiveness of LXM-Matic products

  1. The LXM-Matic laser pen causes treated surfaces to fluoresce, coating can therefore be checked & observed in place
  2. The LXM-Matic audio tool checks & confirms proper surface treatment

What’s the next step?

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