IFE(C) Solutions

Digitization is becoming more and more common in aircraft, not only in the cockpit, but also in the cabin.

Over 90% of passengers already bring mobile devices on board. The expectations are very clear: to be able to use your own smartphones and tablets on board. Airlines have little in-house expertise in designing the digital user experience on board. LXM Group has recognized the deficits in the design of the on-board offers (access, content) and offers solutions for generating on-board earnings and improving the digital user experience.

The first hardware providers of WiFi streaming solutions entered the market in 2015.


The business cases were very much geared towards movie content. That couldn’t work because:

  • The flight duration on medium-haul flights was usually shorter than the film length
  • Access to movie content was tied to the download of an app (due to the digital rights management (DRM) not being natively available on mobile devices – and the app had to be downloaded before the flight
  • Paywall limiting proliferation: services were mostly offered for a fee

LXM Group has recognized that these models are not sustainable. We have done a lot of basic work to create content that follows the commercial logic required on short and medium-haul flights.

How well is the IFEC world coping with the requirements of advertisers, media agencies, auditing needs, adtech/martech solutions?

We are continuously pushing the IFEC marketplace towards having “advertising industry readiness”!

Hard & Software

Experts in the wireless IFE(C) world

LXM Group is in projects with solution vendors like Lufthansa Systems, Immfly, Bluebox, Inflight Dublin etc., as well as Inmarsat as a leading inflight connectivity provider and many inflight media specialists among them fellow APEX members.

We know the wireless IFE world inside out through our project involvement. On connected aircraft and on disconnected aircraft. Battery-powered  – as a minor mod – or fitted systems connected to the aircraft’s power supply, STC-based.


LXM is establishing more and more content services towards airlines.

Our target is to deliver content that is relevant inflight, at the “point of need” – increasing the pax’ user experience on board – and simultaneously using the content as a vehicle for advertising reach increase and retail solutions.

We know how digital retail offers have to be set up so that everyone involved benefits.

LXM Aero+ as a pioneer in the IFEC retail business

LXM has pioneered many different retail models on IFEC systems, including real-time retail on board of broadband-enabled aircraft – with whitelisting of the shop’s domain.

We know exactly how advertiser content has to be processed in order for the advertiser’s campaign to perform and thus rebook our ad channel.

Gladi8tor Inflight Gaming

With the Gladi8tor Inflight Gaming Platform, LXM is establishing its own gaming platform, offered on license basis or as an ancillary based model with ad placement (open source adserver) and retail /shopping options:

With Gladi8tor, we are offering a state-of the art inflight gaming content solution, that goes beyond simply providing a number of game titles. Gladi8tor is a fully fledged inflight gaming platform!

Download the information sheet here: Gladi8tor Gaming Entertainment 2020

IFEC Business Modell

Real-time advertising, content and e-commerce offers

We offer bespoke, customized advertising solutions, that allow free IFEC usage to all pax – connectivity & roaming solutions that come as a package with inflight media.

The increasing availability of broadband connectivity on board short and medium-haul aircraft is an extremely dynamic catalyst for the introduction of advertising, content and e-commerce offers in real time.

Web-based broadband advertising solutions

LXM already offers broadband internet-based advertising solutions on board commercial aircraft: e.g. “Sponsored Airtime” – where the advertiser sponsors on-board Internet access for passengers (Deutsche Telekom at Eurowings, Q3 / Q4 2018) or “Sponsored Services” – the landing page / website of the advertiser is whitelisted and is therefore also accessible without the purchase of a paid data package for internet usage on board.

Real Time Advertising

Real time advertising pilots, using ground based adtech infrastructure on broadband equipped aircraft are currently being executed. This is aiming at:

  • Facilitating the use of advertiser‘s standard adtech infrastructure
  • Enabling of seamless integration with advertiser‘s overall online marketing activity

Our differentiators & USPs:

LXM Group is the only player delivering a holistic, 360° IFE platform commercialization solution – from take up rate maximization to full IFEC inventory management.

Our tech-agnostic approach enables faster growth and scalability.

Deep understanding of passengers’ and users requirements towards an IFEC-solution that delivers a true measurable added value.

Proven track record of advertising campaigns that met or exceeded the advertiser’s expectations, now taking the advertising experience towards growth with IFEC-based retail solutions.

Case studies

Here you can see an overview of our services