Product overview

Caused by the C19-Pandemic, international air travel has seen a massive decrease in global passenger volume. Now, airlines are gearing up to restart operations. Gaining back passenger confidence will be one of the key tasks for airlines to deliver.

While standard regulatory requirements on cabin hygiene still need to be defined by industry bodies like EASA, it seems clear that cabin hygiene will be a key element of airline quality.

To further proliferate the „paperless cabin“ and reduce material quantity in seat pockets, we offer airlines a SEATBACK SAFETY CARD PLACARD product.

Many of the prevailing seats technically qualify for this solution. The SEATBACK SAFETY CARD PLACARD solution can – depending on each airlines‘ frequency of the exchange of safety card sets, also be considered a cost-cutting measure.

LXM Group owns the possibly largest database of aircraft cabin component flammability tests. We currently have contracted +500 MSNs  for tray table + foil material combinations, fully EASA DOA Part 21J approved. This means a reduction of lead time and project cost.

Also, using e.g. a QR code, the safety cards can direct traffic into the airline‘s wireless IFEC system, directing passengers to a new safety and hygiene related IFEC landing page. Here, the passengers can review the safety card in even more detail on their personal devices. Also, the airline safety video (where applicable) could be featured in this section.

The solution can also be easily combined with LXM‘s full service 360° cabin graphic ancillary revenue solution, which helps airlines to generate incremental revenue that goes straight into the P&L.

This project can be executed with minimum input and involvement from the airlines‘ side.

Scope of solution

1. Documentation / Certification

In cooperation with an EASA Part 21J partner, we create the entire Minor Mod package, that consists of the following documents:

  • Service Bulletin (SB)
  • Aircraft Manual Supplement for placards and markings / AMS
  • Instructions for continued airworthiness / ICAoCertification Program Overview / CER
  • Minor Change Approval / MCA
  • OCR form (blank)

Price: depending on aircraft configuration – for many seat types and foil & lamination materials we can use, we have already executed the required lab tests. We can alternatively also work with pre-certified material.

2. Production

We are using high-performance aviation grade vinyl material and lamination. All required consumables are included.

Price: depending on aircraft type, LOPA, material chosen – ballpark figure for an A320 size aircraft – 1.600 € for production (one time, incl. spare placards). Comes with CoC / Certificate of Conformity or optionally EASA Form 1.

3. Installation and Removal

We offer professional installation on-site through our experienced team. Some of our team members have more than 30 years experience in aircraft foil applications. Our team is certified to work on aircraft (HF, FTS, EWIS etc.). We hold permanent passes at major airports.

Alternatively, we can support the maintenance team with an installation tutorial and e.g. train them on the first aircraft – with your part 145 / CAMO staff then taking over.

Price: depending on aircraft type, LOPA – ballpark figure for an A320 size aircraft – 125 € / manhour – ca. 500 €

We provide a warranty on material and installation of two years. No glue residue also contractually guaranteed. Delivery ex works. Travel cost will be passed on 1:1.

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