Tuesday 11/05/2021 in Salzburg: Austrian company LXM Group GmbH is an agile aviation service provider and specialist in generating additional revenue for leading European airlines. The company, with offices also in Vienna, Hanover, London, and Dubai, has just been selected to publish the inflight magazine for Wizz Air, the fastest growing airline in Europe.

WIZZ magazine is the onboard magazine of the Wizz Air Group. The publication will reach more than 40m* passengers a year travelling on Wizz Air’s extensive network of more than 950 routes across Europe, Russia and CIS, North Africa, and the Middle East.

LXM’s first edition will be the Summer 2021 issue, put together by an award-winning team with extensive experience working across several leading inflight publications. As the only form of entertainment onboard, the bespoke editorial content – including stories on the Greek Islands, Italy, Abu Dhabi and Malta – is set to inspire and engage Wizz Air passengers, as will the airline news pages and advertising content. The magazine will also include the WIZZ Café and Boutique, showcasing the great selection of refreshments and duty-free products to purchase onboard.

LXM Group has also been appointed as the publisher of a new bilingual Wizz Air Abu Dhabi magazine which will reach customers onboard Wizz Air Abu Dhabi flights, the new airline established by Wizz Air in the UAE earlier this year. And in addition, LXM Group has been also awarded as the exclusive provider of targeted digital media for Wizz Air, Wizz Air UK and Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, including targeted advertising on print-at-home boarding passes and on pre-flight email confirmations.

Uniquely positioned at the interface between the aviation, advertising, media, inflight entertainment, and connectivity (IFEC), and content sectors, LXM Group has been an established partner for well-known airlines for more than five years. With this new venture with Wizz Air, LXM Group is set to take inflight media to new heights.

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