Special adverstising

Neben Ihrem Werbeauftritt in der Flugzeugkabine bietet LXM Media zusätzliche, exklusive Möglichkeiten, die Passagiere zu erreichen.

In addition to your advertising in the aircraft cabin, LXM Media offers additional, exclusive options for reaching passengers. Support and accompany your campaign on board by advertising on “print at home” or counter boarding passes, cabin crew announcements, advertising placements in onboard magazines or sampling campaigns during the flight.


The friendly voices of the cabin crew accompany the passengers throughout the flight. Let the flight attendants speak for you!

Onboard Magazine

With advertising placements in our partner airlines’ magazines you can reach passengers during the flight.


The boarding pass is the second most important document after the passport and is required for every purchase in the area of the airport. Direct and personal: Your advertising message on the boarding passes reliably accompanies your target group on the flight.

Coffee cups

The cups for hot drinks, which are issued on board by the flight attendants, enjoy a high level of attention. You can design your cups individually and in multiple colors. Use the possibility of voucher codes e.g. with pull-off voucher or QR code.


With each drink or snack, the passenger receives a napkin – a very effective advertising option.

We would be happy to put together a tailor-made offer for you!


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