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The company

LXM Group is an agile aviation service provider and specialist for generating additional revenue for airlines (Ancillary Revenue).

In the rapidly growing livery and aviation signage business, LXM offers both exterior and interior signage: from complete aircraft livery to placards, stencils and spray masks.

Established advertising partner

Uniquely positioned at the interface between the aviation, advertising, media, in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) and content sectors, LXM has been an established advertising partner for well-known airlines for more than five years with its advertising product, the marketing of aircraft cabins and aircraft exterior areas.

Digital advertising campaigns

When monetizing IFEC platforms on the passengers’ own devices, the focus is on the implementation of digital advertising campaigns and the implementation of unique content offers that improve the in-flight experience of the passenger – whilst simultaneously generating revenue that goes straight to the P&L.

IFEC solutions

As a technology-agnostic player, we work with all relevant providers of IFEC solutions. We have in-depth knowledge of the performance of alternative products through projects we have implemented – against the background of individual customer requirements.

LXM Group has developed a deep understanding of the requirements of passengers and users of the IFEC platforms, which offers real measurable added value. This continuously growing knowledge base is also the basis for our advisory services to airlines, system providers and other relevant companies from the aviation industry.

LXM Aero+

As a technology partner, we offer our services to airlines, leasing companies and MRO service providers in the area of exterior livery and aviation signange.

From individual projects on just one aircraft to the rebranding of complete fleets. We offer a wide portfolio, from complete aircraft livery to placards, stencils and spray masks.

Aircraft livery

Next to aircraft livery in the airline’s CI we can also provide services with the aim of generating additional earnings that go straight to the P&L: In this business model, we combine our strengths: the acquisition of relevant advertising and cooperation partners for airlines and the simultaneous implementation of the design of the aircraft with ours expert teams. Some of them have 30 years of professional experience in painting and foiling commercial aircraft.

Aviation documentation (e.g. EASA minor changes) is carried out with selected EASA Part 21J DOA / Part 21G POA partners – or under the airline’s own Part 145 authority.

Airborn solutions

In our Airborne Solutions business unit, we bundle digital innovations such as VR-based crew training, which helps airlines improve training quality and efficiency while reducing overhead costs.

LXM Media

Regardless of which market you want to address, our in-flight advertising offer reaches your target group.

We are market leaders in the field of in-flight marketing and advertising inside and outside of passenger aircraft, as well as at other touchpoints with customer contact in flight operations.

Our network

Our airline network includes over 20 airlines worldwide. This network is based on direct contracts between LXM Group and the airlines – without any intermediaries.
Through other partners, we offer a global inflight advertising network, through which we reach more than 400 million passengers annually. WE reach YOUR target groups – in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America.

Advertising on the plane

Are you interested in advertising on the plane or would you like to provide an entire aircraft with an eye-catching advertising message? Then LXM Media is the right place for you.

Versatile advertising options

Get on board, take a seat and off you go – reaching passengers, who sometimes spend a few hours on board. Good for you. Because you have the eyeballs of this captive audience for your advertising messages in an unobstructed way. Particularly long and intensively.

Branding of the aircraft tray tables with your advertising message, branding the headrest covers or providing your advertising message on passengers’ own devices (smartphone / tablet / laptop). We have a proven track record of advertising campaigns that mostly exceeded advertiser expectations.

Digital advertising & E-Commerce

The increasing availability of broadband connectivity on board of short, medium- and long haul aircraft is an extremely dynamic catalyst for the introduction of advertising, content and e-commerce offers in real time.

LXM already offers advertising solutions based on broadband internet on board commercial aircraft: e.g. “Sponsored Airtime” – where the advertiser sponsors on-board internet access for passengers or provides in-flight shopping: The landing page / website of the advertiser or shop provider is whitelisted and is therefore also available to all passengers – also those, who do not purchase a data package.

Vision & Mission

We connect worlds

We are the only company worldwide to connect the interfaces between the airline, aviation technology, advertising, media and content industries. As an orchestrator, we create unique sources of revenue for everyone involved and at the same time increase the digital user experience of passengers on board.

Perfect interaction

As a technology partner, we are available to airlines in the area of exterior livery and aviation signange. Agile, flexible and with a deep understanding of the requirements of airlines.

Our Team

LXM Group is lead by experienced executives from the airline and advertising industries.

We speak “airline-language” – both worlds: commercial and engineering. As well as the media and advertising language. The ability to link both worlds and bring them together is one of the big strengths of LXM Group.

Competence in business

Because every advertising customer has special needs, we tailor our in-flight advertising solutions to your specific requirements and implement them with attention to detail and maximum precision.
Our global team has many years of operational, technical and logistical experience in the airline industry as well as extensive practical user knowledge from the transport industry.

All-in-one solutions

From the creation of your in-flight marketing concept to the implementation and reporting of your advertising campaign, we offer our advertising customers competent all-in-one solutions.



Co-founder of LXM

Christian founded LXM together with Roland Haagen in 2014.
Christian is a “veteran” of the travel and hospitality industry, with more than 20 years of professional experience, half of them in positions at TUI Group.
As CEO, he is responsible for the commercial functions and operations. He also manages the People and Culture area together with Roland Haagen.



Co-founder of LXM

Roland studied tourism management and has been in management positions and as an entrepreneur in various areas of the tourism industry for over 20 years.
Roland, as the company’s CCO, is responsible for sales, marketing and communication. He invests a large part of his time to keep up with the times in the advertising industry and to further develop the inflight advertising opportunities for our customers. He also manages the People and Culture area together with Christian Szabo.



Co-Founder of LXM

Roland joined LXM in 2016 as VP Digital Solutions. He has more than 20 years of experience in the airline and travel segment, where he has implemented digital and multichannel marketing solutions and has helped to build a low-cost airline.
He is a driver of technological innovations and has deep know-how in airline business and digital marketing. Roland looks after the supply side, is responsible for the expansion of the airline partner network, and takes care of the development of all digital initiatives and business models, including content acquisition and sales.

Partner, Director Airborne Solutions

Roger Hall

Roger joined the LXM team in 2019

Based in Dubai, UAE he is employed by a major airline as Airbus A380 Captain. Involved in Flight Operations Management for 18 years, Roger is a flight technology & RNAV specialist, optimizing arrivals & departure procedures for safety & efficiency.
He is now focused on digital innovations, such as VR-based crew training, chatbot development & ancillary revenue enhancements while helping airlines increase quality & efficiency.


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