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Digital advertising in the wireless inflight entertainment entertainment system IFE (C)

The digitization of the aircraft cabin is progressing rapidly in commercial aircraft.

Passengers connect their smartphones, tablets or laptops to the in-flight entertainment system on board the aircraft and can then consume a variety of digital content on their devices while traveling.

This content includes games, films, video clips and television series, information about the destination and travel itinerary as well as the possibility of integrating microshops.

Equipping the aircraft with modern WiFi streaming systems opens the way for advertisers to digital advertising in the passenger cabin.

As a pioneer in the digitization of the aircraft cabin, LXM, with its international partners, is constantly working on the further development of IFEC entertainment solutions.

Access to broadband internet is an everyday standard for many people worldwide and its proliferation is increasing month by month on commercial aircraft, too.

Advertising options

LXM already offers advertising solutions based on broadband internet on board commercial aircraft: e.g. “Sponsored Airtime” – where the advertiser sponsors on-board internet access for passengers or provides in-flight shopping: The landing page / website of the advertiser or shop provider is whitelisted and is therefore also available to all passengers – also those, who do not purchase a data package.


Place your ad video in a targeted manner in the airlines’ inflight entertainment system.

On the homescreen, the user can choose between his entertainment options.

Target group-specific placement of videos

Your video ad will appear alternately on the home screen or after selecting any entertainment option (e.g. a game), before the start. Your video (PreRoll) should run for a maximum of 30 seconds.

Your advantages:

  • 100% visibility
  • 3-7% CTR
  • 29% newsletter OPT-IN rate recorded in previous campaigns
  • Different targeting options:
    Destination targeting (per origin and / or per destination), time of day targeting, MOOD targeting, targeting of specific aircraft by registration
  • Standard reporting guarantees the measurability of the success of your campaign
  • Multiple contacts and linking to an HTML 5 microsite is possible.


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